Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Philippine celebrity Gwen Garci is a member of Viva Hot Babes. Philippine actress Gwen Garci is of Filipino - Chinese - Spanish - Japanese descent but grew up in Baguio, Philippines and has chosen to belong to the Chinese clan. Her family owns a department store, salon, and spa and other businesses. Philippine celebrity Gwen Garci was discovered by Vic Del Rosario thru her acting skills. She was already exposed in show business since she was 16 years old. Pretty Gwen started her exposure when she won 1997 Body Shot contest in Baguio and then she moved her career into modelling. She has always been very hardworking to attain her dream of touring around the world.

Philippine celebrity Gwen Garci was supposed to have beautiful Gwen Garcia as her screen name, however her manager Jessica Rodriguez suggested to drop off the last letter of Garcia to Garci since Garcia has already been overused. Even though she has done a variety of films, Garci is an actress mainly in the erotica genre—most films have some erotic intimation. Philippine celebrity Gwen Garci has also performed in a DVD instruction on sexy video. After Andrea Del Rosario striked Philippine celebrity Gwen Garci to become one of the original cast of “Viva Hot Babes,” her career took off. Part of the reason is because “Viva Hot Babes” was such a controversial toss. Basically because of the controversy surrounding “Viva Hot Babes,” sexy Gwen Garci was pushed into the world of film acting. Philippine celebrity Gwen Garci had roles in dramas, erotic dramas, comedies, several adventure films, some reality television episodes, a thriller, and even a game show after this movie was released.